Social events you wish never ended

How would you like it served: Not normal. Our social events run the gambit of amazing to out of this world.

You can do this in real-life? Yes.

Ignite your blade and duel it out in a spectacle that combines skill, strategy, and a bit of theatrical flair. Or, flex your brain muscles in a battle of wit and join us for Geek Trivia. Or, gather your wands and spell books for our wizard dueling event, where magic meets strategy in a spellbinding showdown. We like or(s).

Lightsaber Dueling

Step into a galaxy far, far away with our lightsaber dueling event, a social gathering where the force is strong and the competition fierce but friendly. No supplies necessary, Lightsabers will be provided. Intrigued? Come on by and learn how fun it can be!

Geek Trivia

Whether you’re a lore master of Middle-earth, a historian of Hogwarts, or know the ins and outs of every comic or tabletop universe, this is your time to shine. Form your team, and prepare for battle.

Wizard Dueling

Whether you’re a master of the arcane or a novice to the magical arts, this event promises an enchanting evening of mystical challenges and camaraderie. Ready your spells and may the best wizard triumph!