About Us

We’re a bunch of friends who love gaming. A lot.

Everwinter and Ironweld

Wicked Fun

Hi there 👋

Our team hosts two large events, Ironweld and Everwinter, as well as a selection of boutique events across the country.

These conferences serve to connect our group with the larger gaming community. Our conferences see upwards of ~650 attendees representing 15+ game systems.

We’re all about gaming at a high level, but not at the expense of fun and community! Reach out if you’d like to learn more or join our Discord.

We’re honored to be your home for:

Tournaments: Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-timer ready to make your mark, our tournaments promise heart-pounding action and fierce competition — all the while surrounded by the best folks on earth.

Board Games: Board games are gateways to uncharted worlds and untold adventures. Why wouldn’t you want to explore gateways to uncharted worlds? Just don’t forget to find your way back.

Narrative Events: Be the hero or the villain. Or, let loose as the loud mouth NPC drinking in the corner. To each to their own. Our Narrative Events live up to all the hype. Join the party and tell tales you’ll take laughing and screaming to your grave.

Workshops: Our Workshops are level ups in themselves. Led by masters of craft — our gaming workshop leaders can turn a newbie into a hobby or gaming savant in no time. Just don’t glue your fingers together, we haven’t quite figured out a solution for that.

Social Events: Think of our Social Events as the after-party for your gaming soul. We do things differently here. We host everything from Wizard Dueling to Jedi Lightsaber battles and everything in between.

Everwinter Live Stream