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Ready to flex your gaming muscles? At Wicked Dicey conventions, you get first dibs on brand-new board games crafted by some of the most creative minds out there. Think of it as a sneak peek into the future of gaming. You’ll get to roll the dice, move the pieces, and dive headfirst into the excitement before these games hit the market. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just here for the snacks, our demos offer a whirlwind of fun and interactive gameplay. Plus, you get to chat with the masterminds behind the games, give them your two cents, and be a part of their creative journey.

Play on!

Support all the people

By joining our board game demos, you’re doing more than just having a blast – you’re championing indie and local designers. These unsung heroes bring fresh, out-of-the-box ideas to the table, and they need your feedback to make their games even better. Your enthusiasm helps them refine their creations and succeed in the competitive gaming world. So come on, play their games, spread the word, and let’s celebrate the passion and creativity of local talent.

How it works

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  1. Pick up a Convention Pass
  2. Secure your spot to playtest new games at Ironweld or Everwinter
  3. Dive into the latest creations from talented board game designers

Ever wanted to play a game so fresh it’s still got the shrink wrap smell? At Wicked Dicey, you can! Our conventions are where the gaming magic happens, with designers showcasing their newest brainchildren for you to test drive. Whether you’re here to crush your friends or just have a laugh, there’s a game waiting for you. Join us at Ironweld, Everwinter, and more to discover your next obsession and support indie designers in the process. Let’s get gaming!