Free, Play-To-Win games

Learn. Play. Tell. Score.

In a mission to support new game designers – we’ve teamed up with Double Exposure to offer free, play-to-win games. Experience the cutting edge of gaming – spend an afternoon trying out new games that have just released or that are just starting to be promoted. After you master the rules – here’s the best part… You get to keep your new favorite game!

Kick back and have a blast

Variety of Games

Discover and play a wide range of board games suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Friendly Atmosphere

Enjoy a welcoming and inclusive environment where you can meet fellow gaming enthusiasts.

All the things

  • Convention Pass
    Pick up your convention pass here.
  • Show up
    Ask at the registration desk about our Play-To-Win program in partnership with Double Exposure. Pick a game that interests you.
  • Learn the game
    Kick back for the afternoon/evening and learn what might be your new favorite game with your new favorite friends.
  • Leave a review
    We encourage participants to submit reviews for the games they’ve tried out.
  • Keep the game
    Did you enjoy trying out the game? Tell a friend!

Upcoming events

Don’t miss our upcoming conventions where you can dive into the fascinating world of casual board gaming.

For more details on our events, visit our events page.