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Have a game that you’re dying to share with the world? Sign up to host a board game demo! Whether you’re an experienced game designer or new to the field, we invite you to sign up and contribute to our vibrant gaming culture and community. Your game design could be the highlight of someone’s event experience.

Game demos

How it works

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  1. Reach out to [email protected] and tell us about your game and vision.
  2. Lock in your board game demo spot for one of our board gaming conventions, Ironweld or Everwinter.
  3. Share your game concept with the world!

At Wicked Dicey conventions, we invite board game designers to share their latest creations with the gaming community. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a newcomer, our events provide a platform to showcase your games, receive valuable feedback, and engage with enthusiastic players. By hosting a demo, you’ll connect with a diverse audience eager to explore new games and concepts, enhancing your game’s visibility and development. Join us at our conventions like Ironweld and Everwinter to be part of a vibrant and supportive gaming community.